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What's the best hat shape for me?

If you've ever donned a hat you love only to find it doesn't love you back, you know the importance of matching the hat to the head. For those fortunate enough to have an oval or triangular face, almost any hat looks good. For the rest of us, pay close attention.


Hat Sizing made easy:

If you have a cloth measuring tape or piece of string/ribbon and a ruler you can do it. Simply measure just above the top of your ears, round through the center of your forehead and across the back of your head, keeping the string snugs but not tight. Take your measurement a couple of times in front of the mirror and you will get it right. Consult the chart below for your size.



Men’s Long Face

The object: find a hat that will shorten the appearance of a long face. The solution: wear a moderate height tapered crown with a moderate width brim. If the brim is too narrow or flat, it will overemphasize the long lines of your face. Wear your hat tilted to the side and slightly to the back. And that's the long and the short of it.


Men’s Square

When it comes to square faces, think round. Hats with curves and rounded edges help offset your somewhat straight-edged façade. A flipped-up brim (tipped up at the back and down at the front) is also a smart choice because it covers up some of your expansive real estate. Avoid a sharply tapered crown—it will overemphasize your strong jawline—and stay away from narrow brims, especially with a short snap. If you're feeling particularly jaunty, tilt your topper at an angle—it's a surefire way to eliminate any trace of a boxy face.


Men’s Short

What to do when your face comes up short? You can stretch it (or at least create the illusion) by wearing a tapered crown. If you're daring, choose a high and narrow shape, worn with a slight back tilt and to the side. Avoid a full crown, a high crown with a self-band or a wide brim that hangs too far over the face.

Men's Round

A medium height full crown hat will balance out big facial proportions. Choose one with a narrow hatband, which will give the illusion of extra crown height. A wide snap brim (2 ½” - 3”) should be snapped fully across to add angles and interest to your face. Finally, don't wear your hat too far back on your head—it will only reveal what you already know.


Women's Long Face

How do you top a long, slender face? Try hats with a flared brim like wider brim fedoras, newsboys and cloches, that sit low on the forehead so they shorten the length of your face. Avoid narrow brims as they tend to elongate your face even further.

Women's Round Face

Here's a new angle on round faces: try balancing out this face shape with a more angular hat. The symmetry of your face cries out for an asymmetrical shape with a high crown and peaked or slanted brim. You can further accentuate this effect by slanting your hat forward. Avoid tall rounded crowns, which will only accentuate the roundness of your face.


Women's Square

The right hat will give a square face an effective illusion that softens the edges and minimizes your strong jaw. Start with a large brim and a rounded crown to lengthen and soften the face. Soft designs like floppy hats or curvy lines like bowlers are especially flattering to a square face. Choose one that sits high on your forehead to elongate the bottom half of your face. And don't be afraid to wear your hat at an angle - it'll keep them guessing.

Women's Small Face

The golden rule for small faces: Stay true to your proportions. Just as a large-faced woman shouldn't wear a tiny hat, those with small faces should stay away from large floppy hats. We recommend fedoras, cloches and the pillbox.



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