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Mad Hatter

The term ‘mad hatter’ can be creatively used for people who love to wear their hats with style, chutzpah and panache. Wearing the right cut and style of hat is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.Fret not, as there is a hat style for every head provided it is worn with the right accessories, clothes and attitude. Choosing the right hat style may seem hard, but on our site we show you which hats look great with your face structure. Mad Hatter is also a term used to show confidence and swagger in your fedora style. As you can see in some of our pictures below, our signature look comes from the I.HO.F CHIC Models. They love wearing the ascot with a fitted shirt and of course those fedoras that are also available to purchase on our store. These fedoras are a signature Santana look that is a unisex style, which means both women and men, can rock this style. It is time for you to be a part of mad hatters. You deserve the right to experience a quality and affordable hat that International House of Fedoras Boutique & Spa can provide for you.

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