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How to Wear a Classic Fedora

Wearing a classic fedora paired with a suit and topcoat will make anyone feel successful. Fine classic fedoras can be found on-line and through local hat makers.

Find your size. To wear a classic fedora properly, your hat must be the right size. The circumference of your fedora should be approximately 1/2 inch larger than that of your head. Your classic fedora should not fall down over your ears or feel too tight around your forehead.

Crease your classic fedora. One of the things that separates a classic fedora from other dress hats is the crease in the crown. Some come with a crease, others do not. If your fedora does not have a crease, grab the sides of the crown in front with one hand as you push down the top with your index finger. Pinch the felt lightly to form a center crease with dents near the front.

Dress to complement your fedora. Some people have different fedoras for individual outfits or suits. For example, a brown fedora for one outfit and a black or gray fedora for another. Some people even wear classic fedoras with jeans. Try different things until you find the fashion combinations that feel most comfortable and look best on you.

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