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I was wondering why like so many of my colleagues, why women said these words,” It’s my best friend”. As I engage in dialogue with the I.H.O.F CHIC MODELS, I discover the reason why so many women spoke these words that seem to have every man and woman on fire. You see the word on the street from Puerto Rico was that this friend brought out the sexy side of a woman, but still was able to be classy in every way imaginable. I don’t know about you, but I was eager to see this side of a woman from Puerto Rico. I decided to go to the streets of Fayetteville, and what was whispering among the sidewalks was that this best friend of a woman was very diverse and adorable, and her sexiness was breathtaking. I immediately call in more investigators, because these I.H.O.F CHIC MODELS were puzzling my mind in so many directions. I sent a team to investigate the streets of Chicago, and on every corner of the windy city, my investigators heard words like a hint of glam and sophistication. They were puzzle when they heard the words, perfect accessory ensemble. They didn’t understand how this could relate to a woman’s best friend, but they documented the words anyway. Our final two destinations of Dallas, and Toronto had to help us come to a conclusion on why this best friend was so important, so as we step on the plane heading to Dallas, we ask the women flight attendants to describe their best friend, and they immediately said,” very sensual and unpredictable.” We just stared at each other and took notes, so as the plane landed in Dallas our team from Toronto sent a message that the women describe their best friend as the finishing touch with an elegant effect. Every word in bold letters describes why Luxury Hosiery is “A WOMAN’S BEST FRIEND.”

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