June 7, 2014

We often walk out our houses and apartments without the proper accessories, but on this particular evening, which was Mother’s Day; we notice something so beautiful, and mesmerizing we thought it was a dream; there stood three  I.H.O.F CHIC Models with fedoras, and fitted dresses by a yellow caution gate path in front of a rustic parking garage. We were speechless, because they stood as if they were posing for Vogue in the streets of Milan. The women look stunning with their distinguish fedoras with flowers wrap around a satin lining that stood out as they tip their fedoras.  You couldn’t help but stare at these three beautiful women. What happen next blew me away! They actually took a picture with Jorelle Photography, and a Makeup & Hairstylist (Mariefel Lagatuz Westa), so I could show the world what I witness that evening on Mother’s Day.

We had been hearing about this Fedora Streets style, but to actually witness these stunning women with these fedoras, we knew we had to share this with picture everyone. You could see in their eyes that they truly love their fedoras.

The Fedora Street styles are here to stay! We are intrigue by how the fedoras are worn, and the longevity they have in our fashion world. They are the one acccesory that you must have with at all times, because they simpy go with everything. I will never forget these I.H.O.F CHIC Models. You've to be cautious as you stare as these models.

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