International House of Fedoras
International House of Fedoras


Dear Fedora Nation, 


In 2003 after 10 years in the hat business, we launched International House of Fedoras Boutique & Spa. Interacting with our customers around the world was an awesome experience. Today, we are here now to take that experience to a new level for our customers with authenticity, affordability, and customer service that are truly remarkable, you won't find a better place to shop. These days where it’s difficult distinguishing the substantive from the virtual, International House of Fedoras Boutique & Spa is all about content. This includes how we conduct ourselves as merchants. The quality, prices, and breadth of selection of our headwear and other merchandise is simply second to none, and the models we work with help us highlight these styles to our customers.

Our company has a distinguished group of ladies that model our clothes; as well as, other designer clothes that we carry in the store. These women grace totally sets them apart. They are known to the world as," I.H.O.F. CHIC MODELS”. The International House of Fedora Chic Models are women of vision, elegance, intelligence and beauty. The IHOF Ladies are from all over the world! They represent the company in our runway shows, brochures and catalogs.


International House of Fedoras mission is to “Treat Our Customers with Premier Customer Service.” This company was founded on the principles of bringing back quality to our customers, by providing them with that personal touch. International House of Fedoras will always explore the creativity of designs that is all about uplifting the human soul through fashion. The founder of the International House of Fedoras is a Disabled veteran, and is now a major consultant for the company.

I would like to take this time to thanks those that inspire me to move forward with my vision: Mother Fedora, Edna Perez, Nicole Mc Cants, JeFreda Brown, Cynthia Edwards, Kurtis, and Mother McCants. Let's show our customers that we are partners in our journey to uplift the human soul through fashion.


“ We are The Now and The Future”


© 2013 International House of Fedoras Boutique & Spa LLC


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