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We discovered why the fashion world love steel, and it had nothing to due with the massive sculptures. It was because of the paisley angles that you as a stylist, photographer, and mua fell in love with, when you were working with our IHOF CHIC MODELS. IHOF has launch a new campaign that will highlight their stunning models with the Steel Mills. They have already started this campaign with Jasmine Hendrix, who has been a IHOF CHIC MODEL for 5 years now. Credits: Photographer-Super-Cute Photography/ Stylist- Fedora Cufflinks

. What is Steel Mill Fashion? It is a fashion source that combines a powerful model with strong legs, with a attitude that demands attention for all the right reason. It combines strong colors with fedoras,vintage, and sexy clothing that can't be taken down because of it's strength. IHOF Boutique will be displaying these new styles for the rest of the year, so you too could be part of the Steel Mill Fashion Revolution! I'm often critcal of campaigns that talk about using steel with fashion, but this company has the right idea with the right team to make this an unbelievable year for Steel Mill Fashion. Credits: Mua- @glammedbylindsay/ Location: Steel Mill

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