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  • Farah Morsy

Daring, Kat Daring


In a broad and sunny daylight Monday morning up in the French horizon, lies a fantastic yet marvelous Art Marketplace. Where all walks of life simply stroll while gazing at the well crafted Persian marble columns and architecture that surrounds them. Just simply imagine the French going about their daily tasks. Simply from buying bread from the La Boulangerie (Bakery) just to eat an oven baked baguette with a slice of butter, jam while sipping their tea before heading to their workplace, watching little kids with heart shaped head coverings running around in a park. Girls wore short linen gowns while boys wore chemise (shirts) and hoses (15th-century leggings for men). For centuries, France’s civilization became more calming, more spontaneous in a manner that, everyone would want to visit it for the fashion, food and a relaxing area to read a satisfying book. There, is a young maiden in an angelic pink satin and black lace short pouf dress. With a fiery and passionate heart, our heroine Kat Daring is someone who is aware of how to get her target with everything she’s got. As a fashion director in Brave and Fierce Heart Magazine she displays herself as a victor with her burgundy leather jacket resting on her well-built shoulders, along with her signature black cat eyeliner that always matches not only her glowing persona but, with her charcoal wool fedora. Some say that beauty kills with only one glance but, our heroine is someone who would do anything to make her dream come to life. As in one day while she was walking around getting her creative engine to start, she was looking at some of the beige painted 4 walled store by the name of Elegant Mademoiselle. With the bright lighting that leads the customer’s eyes directly to the expensive and very well lace detailed gowns. Not only that, but there is a sense of self independence found in each outfit. Like for example, Kat saw a striking red violet velvet dress with a beige sheer flower sewed around the neckline. That’s how captivating the dress was to Kat and, she all of a sudden got an idea. “I need to speak to the manager of this store since, I have a fitting tomorrow for a Romantic and Elegant 20’s styled photo-shoot for the Identity Magazine.” said Kat. “Alright, she will be right there” said the employee. “Alright, I have gotten your message from my employee, Jennifer. Oh my God, you are Kat, the Kat Daring? How can I be an assistance for your photo-shoot?” said Jasmine. “Alright since, I’m part of a company that is daring and self expressive but, for the photo-shoot, it requires some neutral toned down colors like: stone red, beige, lace and I mean lots of lace, since our hero or main lady is the 20’s setting where elegance meets a daring yet modern sense of fashion. Lavender, pale pink, Rusty red, black, Spanish grey and above all a fedora with french and gold sash around the brim. Oh, and also we need chandelier shaped gem earrings. Cause, we can’t let our lady go out into the world without accessorizing. So, as soon as all of the lighting equipment was set up, makeup was in, model was bedazzled, it was time for this shoot to come to life. Our sophisticated young legend in her out of this world short fitting black Chanel like dress, she was ready to dance the night away with her beige stilettos on the pavement, with her charcoal grey fedora resting on her head, black, red flapper umbrella in her hand and last but not least, a glance in her eyes saying I’m ready. With the cameraman getting in focus on the model, the right angle of the lights shining upon her fedora and the rest of her outfit, it was settled, the perfect shots were made. In the final process before the photo-shoot ended, Kat, the photographer, the Jennifer discussed which shots they should use for the magazine. “Well, definitely, we have to pick this one for sure. The one with the red lipstick, that’s just asking for us to know more. The detail and framework on the fedora, especially that. Hmm, how about the 2 soft and dark light photographs. The full body one and the one with the accessories? If we choose these 3, then we made this photo-shoot a success!” “Alright, let’s start printing out our magazines. In conclusion to this , our model, makeup artist, photographer, set organizer, all walked out of the set holding hands ready to publish their magazine and, leaving the remarkable fedora behind as a mark for their success.


Photographer: @tedmebane

IHOF CHIC Model: Anery

Style by: @ihoffedoras


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