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  • Farah Morsy

Girly yet strong and will minded

So, how can I start this off in a pleasant manner rather than: well, today we will be talking about... And nobody wants to read a very mundane and boring article right? Well, for starters, there will be our heroine, Tina who graduated from Fashion World University with a degree in Merchandising and Fashion Design. So, fast forward with her degree, she then created her very own fashion boutique up in her hometown called Beautiful Yet Dangerous. And inside it has very flattering dresses, shoes, skirts and eye popping lingerie pieces that are just begging to be taken home by the customers. And, who doesn't want to feel beautiful and sexy with none other than, her iconic 2 piece dress. Especially the color Red since it screams: sexiness, is flattering and man, will just want you to do something crazy but, I would rather not go into details. So moving on, Tina is of course, the executive director of her brand and, has assistants along to keep things moving along smoothly. So one day, our fine lady went out to the park just to unwind herself from her working life. Not only that, but she cannot get out to the world without wearing out her designs. As the young designer took to the stage in her life as she walked out with a 2 piece red dress along with her fabled red lipstick. Moving on, why would our hero decides to take a little break from her busy life.

In the bright and sunny day in Colorado, where the sky is like a marbled canvas and having such magnificent mountains, this was a place where one can truly unwind from their busy lives of being, well, an adult. With her crystal necklace wrapped around and her bracelet on her wrist, she walked to the park just to take a little break. And along her way there, she gazed upon the glistening pink and purple sky that just took her breath away. And also the fact that the weather perfectly reflected Tina's Red attire, along with her glistening and delicately, fine detailed white lace hosiery with her black cone heels to balance out her look. The fine and divine designer was contemplating on how, can she use the texture of the snow, the soft earthbound surface found on the copper colored rock. That way, she contemplated and wrote notes down for her next fashionable collection. With the pink and purple sky above her, her head up high, now it was time for our girl to head back to her headquarters to commence on her new collection.

Credits: IHOF CHIC MODEL Tina Joo Ri

Photographer: Belles Lumieres Studios, LLC@belles_lumieres

Wardrobe provided by: @ihoffedoras

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